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Why should I take up rowing?

Rowing is one of the oldest physical activities in the world; what began as a method of transportation and warfare has evolved into a world renowned sport. However, as access to rowing is limited relative to other modern-day sports, there are many misconceptions about it and indoor rowing is often left out of workout routines. Well, Metrow Fit is here to dispel those misconceptions and help you to include rowing in your workout routine. Simply put, rowing is a LOW IMPACT, HIGH CALORIE BURNING, TOTAL BODY WORKOUT (60% Lower Body, 20% Back/Core, 20% Upper Body) and anyone at any age can do it! The rowing stroke starts with your body’s strongest muscle group, your legs, then progresses to your back/core muscles, and finishes with your arm muscles, before returning to the start in reverse order. When done properly, every major muscle group in your body is engaged and results in an incomparable strength and cardio workout. Now add in Metrow Fit’s unique circuit of floor exercises and weight training, and you will quickly be saying goodbye to running (“ouch my knees and back”), spinning (“ouch my bum bum”), and everything else! So what are you waiting for?  Join The Evolution:  Get Fit. Stay Fit. Metrow Fit.

Why Metrow Fit?

Metrow Fit is Long Island’s premier indoor rowing fitness studio with workouts designed by a master competitive rower and instructed by certified trainers; Rowing Fitness is what we do best! Our class sizes are purposefully small, with no more than 12 clients at a time. This enables you to get as much or as little personal attention as you may want from our friendly certified trainers in a comfortable workout environment; no intimidation factor here! Simply put, you’ll get an incomparable total body strengthening and cardio workout with personalized attention without the expense of a personal trainer at a conventional gym.

How long is a Metrow Fit class?

45 minutes.

How much does each Metrow Fit class cost?

Everyone’s first class is only $10!

What are you waiting for? Book a Class today.

Am I on the rowing machine for the entire class?

The Metrow Fit Signature and Metrow Fit Core class formats combine rowing, floor exercises and weight training so you’re never on the rowing machine for more than five minutes at a time. The Metrow Fit Endurance class format is designed for you to be on the rowing machine for extended periods of time and potentially for the entire class.  Visit our Workouts Page to learn more.

I’ve never used a rowing machine, can I still book a class?

Absolutely! Please come at least fifteen minutes before your first class so that our friendly certified trainers can help you learn proper form and get you ready to row. You can also learn how easy it is here.

What happens if I cannot keep up with the class?

No such thing! Although Metrow Fit’s workouts are in a class format, you set your pace and intensity on the WaterRower, you control the level of difficulty on the floor exercises, and you select the dumbbell weight and number of reps during the weight training. Our certified trainers will motivate and guide you to achieve your personal fitness goals, but you are always in control!

What should I wear?

Sneakers and standard workout attire is acceptable but more fitted and moisture wicking attire is recommended. Be prepared to burn calories and sweat a lot!

What should I bring?

Water or your favorite power drink! You’ll want to stay hydrated. If you forget to, bottles of water are available for purchase. We’ll supply everything else, including towels, dumbbells and a comfortable workout mat. If you prefer, you may bring your own towel and workout mat (provided it is no wider than 24 inches).

Does the studio have a changing room?

Yes! So feel free to come straight from work, shopping, dropping the kids off at school, or anywhere else!

Does the studio have a locker room?

No; however, there are open cubbies in the studio where gym bags, jackets, etc. can be conveniently stored during the class. Please note, Metrow Fit is not responsible for personal items left in the cubbies.

Does the studio have showers/sauna/steam room?

No, the studio is not equipped with showers/sauna/steam room.

When I come to a Metrow Fit class, where do I park?

There is ample parking in the parking lot right in front of the studio. In the unlikely event a parking spot is not available, parking is permitted on Soma Avenue which is directly adjacent to the studio to the east. Please be sure to read parking signs prior to parking.

I have or have had knee, back, etc. injuries/ailments, can I still workout with Metrow Fit?

Rowing is naturally a low impact workout and is often used to assist in the recovery from acute physical ailments or to assist individuals starting a cardio routine. As with any exercise, you should never over exert yourself and always stop if you experience pain; only do what your body allows you to do. Most importantly, before starting any new workout regimen you should always consult a physician. Visit the Liability Waiver Page to read Metrow Fit’s Liability Waiver.

What are Metrow Fit’s late arrival, cancellation and waitlist policies?

Please visit our Policies Page to read Metrow Fit’s policies.