The Workouts

Metrow Fit offers four different indoor rowing workouts, each providing you with an incomparable total body strengthening and cardio workout. They have been designed by a master competitive rower and are instructed by certified trainers in a class format. At 45 minutes, each workout will leave you feeling great and wanting more. Ready?! Set! Row!

Metrow Fit Signature – As the name gives away, this is our signature “Get Fit. Stay Fit. Metrow Fit.” workout and it targets every major muscle group through a circuit of rowing, floor exercises and weight training. Are you ready to discover muscles you never knew you had?

Metrow Fit Core – This workout places a greater focus on the toning and strengthening of your core while still providing you with the same great total body workout as in our signature workout. Are you ready to feel your abs burn?

Metrow Fit Endurance – Take it up a notch with our endurance workout which has been designed to push your mind and body to be stronger and go further. You will be put through various rowing drills and exercises and can potentially be on the rowing machine for the entire class. The result, a total body fitness overload with a very high calorie burn; are you ready for the challenge?

Metrow Fit Extreme – Coming Soon!

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